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The Beet Beat
July 11, 2010, 7:46 am
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At the end of the summer, our farm subscription contains bunches of beets. We have occasionally consigned the beets to the compost. A shame, I know. We now have identified beet-eating friends. But I know there are ways to prepare them that even I may like. The New York Times must be trying to make me eat more beets.

For instance, in a story about Copenhagen a restaurant that serves beet-flavored ice cream is mentioned. I can’t find beet-flavored ice cream in the markets, nor would I be willing to try making it myself, but if someone made it for me . . .

Today’s paper also has a recipe for beet salad.

Very pretty. It would, however, only deal with about an eighth of a bunch of beets. So I’d still need learn how to make borscht or find out how to tie-dye. Ooh, that would be cool: a t-shirt with radiating circles around the phrase “Beet Power.”

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