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Biofuels Future
October 10, 2007, 12:02 pm
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Prof. Lave’s PoodleWent to yesterday’s biofuels conference at Carnegie Mellon. Sponsored by the Steinbrenner Institute for Environmental Education, the engineers and public policy experts examined the use and future of biofuels. Of course, if you’re discussing engineering and public policy at Carnegie Mellon, a poodle is bound to show up. I was impressed that a lot of great minds and great resources were gathered around the table: state government, General Motors, Lou Sheetz of Sheetz markets (purveyors of an ethanol blend), and Nathaniel Doyno of Steel City Biofuels and Regional Clean Cities, not to mention some pretty knowledgable and perceptive Carnegie Mellon folks.

I was hoping someone would mention open source and distributed methods that would get us out of our energy mess. What if we supported local energy sources, patent-free technologies, and small producer education and capitalization?

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what if we reduce individual traffic and revive railway systems?
Bio gas production starts leading to starvation already
In Adana/Turkey, about 80% of all households get their hot water from solar energy on one’s own roof (saw this already 15 years ago)

Comment by Eva Nerling

Thanks for the comment, Eva. Biofuels is, in some ways, a continuation of the oil syndrome, but it also might be a path out.

Comment by Mark

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